UPS Earns Federal Approval for ‘Flight Forward’, Now What?

Federal approval for Flight Forward

It seems the FAA is warming to the prospect of drone use with respect to deliveries on a large scale.  Still euphoric about its newly granted Federal Approval for Flight Forward, UPS now has to switch gears toward solving it’s Flight Forward Unit’s most challenging issue, ‘Large Scale Implementation’.

Building a drone delivery service of this magnitude is not for the faint of heart, the Federal Approval UPS just obtained, well, this may turn out to be the easy part.  Finding people with Drone Industry knowledge in an increasingly competitive job market, may prove a bigger challenge.  And, In an atmosphere where ‘immigration’ has become taboo, having to search ‘locally’ for abled bodied humans to fill these new positions may be their colossal struggle.

Federal Approval for Flight Forward will open up hundreds of markets.

Challenges aside, this is fabulous news for the Drone Industry.  Not only is it an opportunity for unique and attractive jobs with a fortune 500 company, but the need it serves may benefit even more.  The goal is supporting medical personnel with product and specimen deliveries, with the explicit objective of cutting down on transit time.  Really, how many lives can be saved when the proper medical solution can be delivered quickly, by using a delivery system, most would agree, is kind to the environment.

This, like in many private company endeavors of similar scale, UPS’ Flight Forward unit will raise all boats.   UPS will make massive investments in technology, real estate, and most-importantly, people.  It’s almost as if UPS, who has earned copious amounts of influence, and shareholder value, feels it has a duty to go out on a limb and be a pioneer in this space.  Kudos to them!  Kudos for recognizing a need, making the necessary investment in Research and Development, building the systems and ultimately getting to the point where they can deliver a viable solution.

UPS stands to benefit handsomely from its Federal Approval for Flight Forward.

Now, I’m not saying UPS won’t benefit, don’t get me wrong.  This IS about making money, UPS has aways had an affinity for the almighty dollar, and they should, after all, they are a publicly traded company governed by shareholders.  What I am saying is; this is an illustration of a symbiotic relationship between a great company and the greater ‘need’ it will serve.

So, all in all, I believe this could be the “breaking of the dam” for the Drone Industry.  Or, as Fonzie might say, the Drone Industry is ‘Jumping of the Shark”, but perhaps in a positive manner.  The more the FAA buys into a UAS delivery system, the more it will entice a broad array of companies to take the risk of bringing their product or service to market.  And, the more companies in the space, means increased competition which will lead to better products and services, for cheaper prices.  Sounds to me like UPS’ Federal Approval for Flight Forward will be a win for all parties involved.

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