How I Passed The Part 107 Exam

After finding out from my friend at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, who said they would be cracking down on hobbyist drone pilots at the Paris Landing State Park, I knew it was time that I passed the part 107 Exam and become a legal Commercial Drone Pilot.  Dang,...

Drone Use Case #4 | Using A Livestock Monitoring Drone

Those times when they’re tucked back in the fence corners, under a hickory tree and out of sight; makes my heart palpitate and my mind wander, not good for a nearly middle-aged guy! Did they get out, are they in a neighbors back yard, tomato garden,

FAA Part 107 | Why It’s Become A Necessity

Up until now, most of the footage I’ve gathered of the Paris Landing Renovation Project had been collected early in the morning, before the call of the first rooster.  It’s peaceful at that hour and auspiciously lacks the presence of hard-hatted workers running their...

DJI Mavic Air | Proper Camera Settings For Bright Sunshiny Days

Oh the thrill of flying your Mavic Air on that crisp sunny day capturing the subject you think will bring a bevy of Facebook “Likes”, a future job opportunity, or maybe even the Pulitzer Prize for Photography.  Problem is; you get home, load it into Adobe Lightroom...

Paris Landing Inn and Suites Renovation Project