Paris Landing Inn Renovation | Demolition Series January 20th, 2019

Paris Landing inn

A Drone’s Eye view of the Paris Landing Inn Renovation Project

What was last weeks rain, became this weeks snow, argh!  But, It’s January, so what are we to expect?  However, since opportunities to capture raw winter pictures in this part of the country are rather infrequent; I thought it best to capitalize on this time to fly my Mavic Air over the Paris Landing Inn demolition site, once again.

Black Ice and poor vision oh my!

Driving from Paris to the demolition site, I’ll admit, brought on internal doubt of the intelligence of my decision.  Maybe it was the patches of black ice, and snow-covered bridges all along Highway 79.  Or, it could have been the time when the lone snowplow inadvertently cast copious amounts of sodium chloride on my truck.  Or, perhaps it was the random fishtailing, poor vision, and wind gusts.  Not sure?  But, being from the Midwest and growing up in these conditions, I was confident in my abilities to navigate the short 20-minute drive, not to mention I was committed, so I forged on.


As a drone pilot one of the major challenges to a successful flight is wind variability.  And, I’ll be the first to admit it, old man wind, and his angry older brothers Gust and Gale were by far my biggest foes today.  When I got out to the launch site located right next to the lake, on the North Side of the demolition site; let’s just say, I’m glad my hair was short and I was wearing a ‘Down” coat.

Paris Landing Inn Renovation
Snowfall Paris Landing Demo Site

Just before takeoff, again, I questioned my intelligence.  And, while I was no straight “A” student by any means, I did believe in my piloting abilities about as well as my driving abilities.  And, I safely made it down here, right?  Ah, so, my justification was validated; I continued on with my plan.  You see a Photographer seeking that perfect shot, is worth standing in frigid temperatures and gusting wind, albeit for only a short time!

My Drone could have just lost connection and flown off.

This was a big gamble, I’ve heard the horror stories of Drones unwittingly flying off and crashing into the abyss.  I didn’t want that to happen, but this was a calculated risk, and from my vantage point, it appeared safe, even in the blustering wind.  It’s like the bungee jumper knowing he had a 100-foot jump and 50 feet of rope.  Other variables such as tension on the rope, and having a firm attachment to his feet, well they were left to faith.  My decision was some measure of faith and some measure of calculated risk, and it seems to have paid off.

Going forward, this will be a weekly update in the progress of the Paris Landing Inn Renovation Project.  And, it is my goal to provide a full, time-lapse video when the project is completed.  If you’re interested in getting the updates emailed to you, please subscribe to my email list:

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