Paris Landing Inn and Suites | Demolition Series January 13th, 2019

Paris Landing inn

As many of you know, The Paris Landing Inn is going through a complete transformation, which should be ready for visitors by the next Presidential Election. Groundhog Day of 2021.   There’s been a great deal of controversy with the construction plans, with passion on both sides.  So, perhaps the documenting of the process will help both sides appreciate the final product.

This image was taken early on January 13th, 2019 while I expeditiously dodged rain drops; rain so hard it even triggered the track-hoe operators to briefly cease demolition.
Demolition Continues

The lake was placid and eerily peaceful, and the absence of motorboats buzzing about, was nearly deafening.  Having no fisherman to share the views with, meant it was far too cold and rainy, even for the most ardent anglers.  It was me and the track-hoe operators.  Them with their heated seats and turned up radio, and me with my frozen hands, and shivering kneecaps.  So, what was I doing there?

Why would anyone in their right mind be flying a drone in the middle of a rain storm?

Well you see, It’s the ‘rush’ a photographer experiences when the opportunity of capturing the perfect shot, presents itself.  Not to mention the fresh and frigid West Tennessee morning air; both were enough to ferret me out from between my toasty bed sheets.  Ok, Ok, maybe not, I was up early on a Sunday morning drinking coffee, when I thought; I’ve been meaning to see if they had begun demolition on the Inn yet, so I came down to see the progress. And, truth be told, it wasn’t really raining all that hard.  In fact, I had about 10 rain-free minutes to send the Drone up, to capture these shots.

The harmony of metal buckets meeting reinforced stone, oozed of destruction.

I couldn’t get over it, the hollow shells of former buildings with hanging re-barb and pulverized stones had the unmistakability of a war zone.  Thankfully, this was peace-time and this project, when completed, was bound to have a more suitable ending than that of a war zone.

So, that’s it, my task of choreographing the entire process of the new and improved Paris Landing Inn began that very day.  As I lay comfortably wedged between my fitted sheet and electric blanket, I realized it was going to be my Mavic Air Collapsible Drone tasked with providing the visual imagery of this renovation.  It’s that thought which forced me out of unmitigated comfort into unequivocal discomfort.  But, pain is temporary.  Knowing it’s for a good cause, was just the icing on the cake.

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