Lovers Key State Park, Florida | A Drones Eye View

Lovers Key State Park Morning Drone-ing around Lovers Key State Park

They say the early bird gets the worm, but I doubt their term for “bird” is referring to the kind with four props, the ability to fly at speeds of 42 MPH, all while capturing 4K Video at 30 Frames Per Second?  This ‘bird’ lacks any evidence of feathers, a beak, and loathes the notion of ingesting anything as much as a slimy worm.  This Bird is the Mavic Air, and this morning it was trolling 200 feet above Lovers Key State Park in Southwest Florida, grabbing tranquil images of the Gulf of Mexico.

To do so, obviously required a pilot.  So, I eagerly volunteered.  Only trouble was, it called for the interruption of my vacation sleep schedule, which is typically no short of 10 hours.  I had to be onsite early to catch low tide, any sign of choppy waters 200 feet below my Mavic’s camera lens, meant this drone flight could be a bust.

Score!  The Gods of Waking Up Early, delivered!  This shot was taken 198 feet above Lovers Key, in Naples Florida at 0850 AM.  The lone boat I was sharing the moment with, did its part in adding to the scene.  The wake it created added texture and depth to the silky smooth water below.  Then, as I made the 180 degree turn of Mavic’s Yaw, instantly everything changed.

It was as if I was in a new location.  Everything was different; the colors, the clouds, the road and the bridge.  They were all fused together to create completely different scene.

This is the magic of drone photography.

Not only are flying drones a thrill, but the perspective it offers of the scene below is nothing short of astonishing.  Whether you’re 198 feet above Lovers Key State Park, or 2 feet above the wake of a boat traveling through the tranquil Gulf water, drone imagery is simply spectacular.  As drone technology continues its transcendence, so too will its camera’s, versatility and abilities.  We are still in the infancy of drone technology, give it 5 years and these pictures will look as if they were taken from something akin to the Kodak Instamatic X-15 Vintage Single Shot.

But for now, these are all the rage!

Hey!  If you’re interested in seeing more great photos in and around Naples, Florida, please visit Edin Chavez’s great site which I discovered while researching this post.  His work left a lasting impression on me, I hope it does for you too.

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