How To Study And Pass The Part 107 Knowledge Test

passed the part 107 exam

After finding out from my friend at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, who said they would be cracking down on hobbyist drone pilots at the Paris Landing State Park, I knew it was time that I passed the part 107 Exam and become a legal Commercial Drone Pilot.  Dang, hobbyists, or shall we call them perverts flying over the swimming pool taking pictures of scantily clad teenage girls, man they gotta ruin it for everyone.  I get it, I probably would have done that if I was 16 years old too.  But, now I take this serious, knowing that the future of Unmanned Aircraft, and its ever evolving use cases will be continuing its Skyward trend; makes me want to be part of it.

Whew, I passed the part 107 Exam

Before I passed the part 107 Exam, I knew very little about airspace, weather, rules and regulations, and the like.   I decided I wasn’t even going to try to pass the part 107 exam relying solely on my own aptitude.  Being of slightly above average intelligence, I wasn’t about to chance the $160 FAA Exam Fee with any possibility of garnering a failing grade.  So, after some internet searches and reading of testimonials I settled on a course, which made my wallet some $150 lighter.

passed the part 107 exam

I cannot reveal the first course I took…

Here’s why:

Yes, you guessed it, I got a heartbreaking 69%, one right answer away from passing, the first time I took the exam.  Which, being one right answer away was like the proverbial-Salt on the wound!  I think I would have felt better if I got a 50%.  That said, it was my fault, I took it for granted.  I relied on my aforementioned slightly above average intelligence and thought, ah this cant be all that difficult!

It wasn’t difficult as long as you have a good understanding of Airspace, FAA Rules and Regulations, Weather, and Radio Communications.  As long as you had that, It was just basic stuff.  But, my knowledge on these subjects was scant, at best.  Yes, I could read a thermometer, and yes, I know the difference between AM and FM, and yes I know what the FAA stood for, so I thought; hey I got this!

My goal is not to bash the course I took the first time, that’s not who I am, but I will give props to the one I took the second time.  Making a 90% on the exam the second time through deserves a shout out for those who made it possible.

RemotePilot101 carried me over the hump.  It’s like the Paratrooper who jumps out of the helicopter among heavy enemy fire to hoist his injured Airmen over his shoulder and carry him to safety.  That’s what Remotepilot101 did for me; less the enemy fire, the helicopter, and a few other poignant details.  But that’s ok, those details are irrelevant, the fact of the matter is, I passed the part 107 exam, I am now a Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot, and I owe a bit of gratitude to my friends over at Remotepilot101.

Jason at Remoltepilot101, just has this innate and remarkable ability to connect and educate a ‘total novice’ on the subject of aviation technology.  I found it fascinating; I learned what causes a ‘stall’, what the numbers on a runway represent, and how to read a sectional chart.  If you want to pass your Part 107 Exam, look no further than the course I swear by, the one that was my Paratrooper and should be yours.  Remotepilot101, you guys are the best.  Thank you!


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