Drones Shutting Down Airports | Let’s Not Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water!

Drones Shutting Down Airports

Seems like Drones are getting a lot of publicity lately, but much of it, for all the wrong reasons.  Take for instance the recent news about Drones shutting down airports.  This is a horrible disruption to an air travelers day and the financial impact on the airport, well it can be measured in the millions, not thousands.  And, I agree, there are some who are giving drone flying a bad wrap!  But, the few are making the many look like the majority, and it’s just not the case.  And so with this much bad publicity, the positive aspects of drones, gets often overlooked.

Let’s focus on the positive

Ever heard of drones keeping a watchful eye on the waters surrounding heavily populated beaches, yea, they’re keeping us safe from sharks.  What about Drones monitoring our crops, in an effort to recognize problems before they contaminate the food supply.  These are just a couple examples of the good, Drones can provide.  It shouldn’t take a bite from a shark or a case of E-Coli to make us realize the benefits of Drones.

While the adaptation of Drones in society is still believed to be in its infancy, we have come a long way in a few short years.  The Trump Administration looks to be ushering in a new age of aviation, with Drones being critical to its evolution.  With their; Bringing American Aviation into the 21st Century Initiative, the Trump Administration believes the current Aviation regulatory framework is outdated, and unintentionally encourages American companies to look for testing and deployment opportunities overseas.  Thankfully, the Trump Administration believes these testing and deployment opportunities need to be made available in the United States.

Protecting our Innovation

The UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) deployment is experiencing staggering growth, with over 1,000,000 UAS owners who have registered their drones with the FAA.  The more UAS owners entering the space, will put pressure on the market to take risks and come up with creative products and solutions.  This pressure will ultimately be the driving force for demand for more drone products and services and will ultimately create thousands of American Jobs.  We would rather keep those jobs in this country, rather than send them oversees.

So, what about Airport Interruptions?

Bad news, they will likely continue!  You’re always going to have a segment of the population who will use a drone, just like any other product, for nefarious purposes.  It’s the person, not the product.  I believe there will have to be swift financial consequences, and perhaps jail time, for what those people did by interrupting the flow of airport traffic.  Just know, the great majority of Drone pilots are conscientious, law abiding citizens who merely want to be part of the growing Drone industry.


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