Drone-Inventory | How Drones are Changing the Inventory Business

The polite hum of spinning Rotors disrupts no-one, as the UAV systematically files up and down the warehouse aisles, counting, scanning, and solidifying its place in modern warehouse management.  Yes, that’s right, Drones are taking over the inventory business.  Out; is high priced and less reliable human labor, In; are ‘automated Yeoman’ who show up for work early, sober, and more than willing to work overtime.

Yes, It’s come to this; drones are doing inventory, and believe me as much as I love drones, I hate the effects of this.  I loathe to see anyone lose their job and join the ranks of the Unemployed, but time is money.  Not to mention the warehouse business runs on exceptionally tight margins,

Drones Doing Inventory

It seems the stars have aligned for the drone industry to make a compelling argument for choosing them over it’s more upright and argumentative counterpart.  Looking into the future; drones doing inventory may become the new norm, all at the expense of the good ole-fashioned W2 Employee.

Like previous posts where I highlight the value UAV’s add to society, this example proves human labor is expendable, humans are less precise, and considerably more expensive.

The days of employees scaling 20-foot ladders to access the pallet on the top of the shelf, may be short-lived.  Alas, times are changing.  Now, Osha may appreciate this market transformation, and the workers compensation underwriters may give it a thumbs up, but it’s the employee standing in line at the job fair who will have something rebellious to say.

So, is there a happy medium?

Can the ‘Replaced’, at least pilot the drones?

Well, according to PINC.com it appears the UAV’s are autonomous and programmed to fly a specific pattern to perform a specific task.  So, in reality, these Drone Pilots are essentially-computer programmers.   So, unless inventory managers-at least the ones who possess heartbeats and the ability to reason-want to learn computer programming, then from the looks of this, their jobs may become extinct.

Like I said, I hate it.

But as an optimist, who generally looks at things with a glass half full, I would tell the ‘Replaced’ to look at this scenario as an opportunity, rather than a problem.  This is an opportunity to find a new calling, to learn something new, to go in a different direction and see where it takes you.

I recall my time serving in the Air Force, a time in my life when I truly lacked direction and didn’t want to take my parents’ advice which was simply; Go to college, but oh by the way, we can’t afford to pay for it.  At the time my options seemed limited, until my brother came home from the Army recruiter who told him, ‘join the Army and you could be based in Hawaii’.

Man that sounded good!  Just…not… the ‘joining the Army part’.  Ultimately, I did join the Military only I chose the Air Force, I had heard they had better facilities, food, and treated their people less like Soldiers.  Funny thing is, I ended up getting stationed in Hawaii!  Now, who said recruiters “stretched the truth”?

I share this with you, because it was likely the best decision I’d ever made; outside of getting married and having a child.  It was a decision, I was virtually forced to make.  ‘Go to work shoveling asphalt for the city, or seek a new adventure in the Air Force’.  Hmmm, I don’t much care for the smell of asphalt, so….My decision was simple.

What my decision forced me to do

was to go in a direction I wasn’t familiar or comfortable with, I had no idea what to expect.  But, I grew as a man in ways which are incredibly valuable, even to this day.  So, if your job is being replaced by a silly, flying, hovercraft, then seek a different door to open up.  Be grateful you’re still of working age and you still have time to see where the next adventure takes you.

Whew, kinda got off track and a bit philosophical there.  Please excuse me.

Back to drones doing inventory.

The ‘Use Cases’ for Drones keep amazing me, and this one seems to really make sense.  Disclaimer:  I am not a paid spokesman for PINC, I humbly believe in the future of Drone Technology and are confident PINC has a truly revolutionary Service.  If you want to check out how their system works, check out this slick video.


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