Drone Flight Over Shoshone Falls Amid ‘The Pandemic’

Perrien Bridge Twin Falls

A trip out West during the Pandemic

As the Pandemic of 2020 lurked; As the WHO was doing its best to circumvent the addressing of this deadly virus, as the body count increased, I naively boarded a plane to Salt Lake City.  It was early March 2020, and boarding a plane was not yet outlawed, though only a mere week or two from it.  Armed with disinfectant wipes and the mask I never donned, as a healthy 49-year old, I ignorantly felt I could out-wit anything this silly Pandemic were to throw at me.

This trip was business-related, and opportunities like this in my line of work, don’t come around every day, so, I had to seize upon it.  I had to board that germ-infested winged-tube so it could get me to Salt Lake in the shortest amount of time; be damned you Pandemic!

Once the Winged-Tube’s wheels touched down on the finest Utah concrete, I felt a sigh of relief, but I still hastily rushed towards the plane’s exit.  Once outside the airport terminal, the fresh mountain air engulfed my sinus’ and I finally felt as if I had dodged a bullet.  Until that sinking feeling overcame me; wait!  I still have to get on another plane in 4 days, at a time when the Covid 19 cases were sure to have drastically increased.  I couldn’t let that bother me for the next 4 days, I had opportunities I needed to capitalize on out here, so I couldn’t let that get me down.  I gathered my luggage, jumped into my rental car, and off I went to my destination; Burley, Idaho.

Once I made it to Burley, the Pandemic became a distant memory.  For the next 4 days, I refused to let myself be obsessed with The Pandemic.  I was in this beautiful place, I had a great business opportunity, and I just had to let it ride.  I had to accept the fact that I would have plenty of time to let the Pandemic weigh on me in the coming months, so forget about it for 4 days.

How does the Pandemic relate to Drones?

Not much really, except to provide some frame of reference for this Drone flight.

As an inquisitive drone pilot, I always travel with my drone, even on business with my real job.  This week I happen to bring my Mavic 2 Pro; with its Hasselblad Camera, 10-bit Dlog-M Color Profile, and adjustable aperture, to capitalize on the splendor of the Rocky Mountains.

My appointment in Twin Falls led me across the Perrine Memorial Bridge, one of the most amazing man-built structures in all of Idaho.  Spanning the 1500 foot void between two land masses with the Snake River meandering 3600 feet below my rotating tires, was enough to give me the willys!  I couldn’t get across quick enough.

After talking to the gas station attendant about the bridge I had just navigated, and the pigmentation had returned to my knuckles, she said ‘If you think that’s cool, you need to go see the Shoshone Falls, it’s only a couple miles away’.

Shoshone Falls a ‘Must See’ if you visit Twin Falls, Idaho.

After I hung up the gas nozzle and popped open my diet coke, my squealing tires abruptly left the Mr. Gas service station on my way across town to see why this lady nearly ‘forbid’ me from leaving Twin Falls without witnessing the splendor of Shoshone Falls.  You see, I take orders well!

As I snaked down the side of the mountain approaching the Falls, each switchback revealed a little more glimpse of the falls.  My patience was being put to the test, the pigment again changing color in my knuckles, my heartbeat increased.  And, there it was; the final image was revealed, Shoshone Falls; Now I get what this lady was talking about….She was right, it’s a sin to leave Twin Falls without seeing this!

Drone over Shoshone Falls

 I reached for my phone to see if there were any restrictions for flying my Drone here.  I quickly scanned the UAV Coach website, The Idaho.gov website, and my Airmap App, and all I found was:

Idaho Code 36-1101-Prohibits the use of Drones for hunting, molesting, or locating game animals, game birds of fur-bearing animals.

and Idaho Code 21-213-Requires warrants for the use of drones by law enforcement establish guidelines for their use by private citizens and provides civil penalties for damage caused by their improper use.

Since neither of these apply, and may Airmap Application didn’t give me any restrictions, I started up the props.  Out I flew, fighting the gusts of wind and the setting sun.  I managed to capture this raw image of Shoshone Falls at an aperture of F2.4 and an exposure time of 1/60th.  It was a keeper, I will forever remember this trip from this very image.

It was time for my Mavic 2 to ‘return to home’ so I could be on my way back to Burley, and mentally prepare for the dreaded plane ride home.

What are your opinions of Shoshone Falls?















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