Thanks for stopping by, my name is Jim, AKA, The Droney.  I started this site out of a fascination with Drones, coupled with an affinity for writing and photography.  I truly believe in the future of drone technology and how it will positively affect our daily lives, and in some cases, even save lives.

The Project that started it all:

The demolition and reconstruction of the Paris Landing Inn, in Buchanan Tennessee became the perfect project to document.  My goal is to provide arial ‘still’ footage on regular basis of the Paris Landing Inn construction progress so you can monitor the progress .  Then once it’s complete, I’ll post a time lapse video starting with Labor day of 2018 until completion of the project, sometime in 2021.

My Photography Experience

Began when I was serving my Country in The U.S. Air Force back in 1989-2004.  I had the good fortune of being stationed in Hawaii for 3 years, it was there when I fell in love with Photography.  Being in such a picturesque Island setting, I had to create memories I could look back at, for years to come.

And, I loved every minute of it, especially the adventure it took to capture the images. It wasn’t like pulling over at a scenic overpass and cracking off a couple pictures. No, the hiking, climbing, and then the execution of capturing the image, is what I fell in love with! The challenge of getting the picture, the process is what made me dig photography so much!

But then came Drones…..and OMG, my photography interest went to a whole nother level. I still love Landscape Photography, but drones have so many possibilities which is why I created TheDroney, so I can share with you; the Next Level.

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