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The majority of my educational content is moved to CaptureLandscapes, a website dedicated to improve your photography, but you still find blogs related to my travels and photography on this page.

UPS Just Received Federal Approval for ‘Flight Forward’, Now What?

It seems the FAA is warming to the prospect of drone use with respect to deliveries on a large scale.  Still euphoric about its newly granted Part 135 Federal Approval, UPS now...

Starting A Drone Business With No Money? 3 ‘Must Do’s’ To Get Clients.

My suggestion is to have 6 month’s salary in the bank, which I’ll admit is a bit counter intuitive to start a drone business with no money, but having a fall-back plan is…Well, just sensible. You don’t need to be reckless, there will be plenty of business

Drone Use Case #4 | Using A Livestock Monitoring Drone

Those times when they’re tucked back in the fence corners, under a hickory tree and out of sight; makes my heart palpitate and my mind wander, not good for a nearly middle-aged guy! Did they get out, are they in a neighbors back yard, tomato garden,

FAA Part 107 | Why It’s Become A Necessity

Up until now, most of the footage I’ve gathered of the Paris Landing Renovation Project had been collected early in the morning, before the call of the first rooster.  It’s...

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